Santa’s on his way.


Thank you to every single one of ruddy legends! Xmas tickets have now sold out and we’re pretty bloomin’ thrilled to have you with us in 2018.

We’ve got some pretty exciting things on the horizon to share with you…

Y Not 2018 Xmas tickets are now SOLD OUT and pay in full tickets will no longer be available to purchase until the New Year… but don’t worry. We’ll be back. In the meantime, our Pre-Payment Plan option is still available if you want to secure your Y Not 2018 ticket.




Please note, Jumpers ordered before the Christmas arrival time deadline (4pm Friday the 9th of December) have now all been dispatched and will be with you in the next couple of days.

Any jumpers purchased after this point have now been sent to our mailing house and will be dispatched in the next couple of days.

If you have any further queries regarding this, please email us at [email protected] and don’t forget us to send us your Y Not Christmas Jumper pictures…




If you still want to secure your Y Not ticket and better yet – pay monthly for it, our Pre-Payment Plans are still available for you to get your hands on.

Sign up in December and you’ll only pay £19.92 a month for your Y Not ticket. We know December and January can be INTENSE and expensive, so paying monthly rather than in one go is ideal!


So, for now it’s time to go and put your feet up, enjoy the holidays and we’ll see you in January with a lot of really exciting news to share with you!

We hope you have an awesome Christmas and very haqppy new year.

Love Y Not x