As part of our plans for the 2018 festival we promised that we’d keep you in the loop with the changes and improvements we were making.

We’ve been working really hard to make sure that when you join us in July, it’s the best Y Not it can possibly be. And it seems like a good time to give you an update on everything.


The Site


First and foremost Y Not will be moving…next door.

The drive and route to the festival will be exactly the same, we’re still based in Pikehall in the beautiful Peak District it’s just the new site will be the field next to the old one.



The new site allows us to address some of the challenges of the previous site location. The new position of the site increases the suitability and improves the number of access points for vehicles.

This means better access for service vehicles, emergency and site vehicles, whilst also providing better access for festival goers arriving at the festival.

This move has also allowed us to think about the layout and position of campsites in relation to the arena. The new site will have good routes between the campsites and arena for all festival goers, ensuring that wherever you are camped; your journey into the arenas will be as quick and easy as possible.

We will be releasing further information on the new site in the near future.


Traffic Management


The new site has car parks immediately accessible from the A5012, providing multiple access routes to improve the flow of traffic. More access routes will allow for traffic to be moved quickly and reduce ground stress on limited access points. 




As part of our ongoing improvement of general site security, we’re excited to be working alongside Showsec; an award winning event and venue security specialist. We will also be implementing CCTV around the site.

We’re expanding our level of Steel Shield fencing for particularly exposed areas of the site. These are taller and stronger perimeters that make the campsites considerably more secure. Alongside this, we have increased roaming patrols around the perimeter of the festival.




This year, we will be increasing personnel and management structure on site so that there will be more staff than ever before. We are also reviewing the way that all staff and stewards are briefed, so that anyone representing Y Not is ready and able to assist to the best of their ability.

Once again, thank you all so much for your patience and continued loyalty. We’re really excited by the improvements to Y Not and will have more updates with you soon. And we promise to keep all of you in the loop throughout the year!

Love Y Not x